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The pressure on Saudi Arabia and Bahrain to focus on new low-energy architecture will increase over the next eight years as billions of dollars are ploughed into infrastructure development across the region. According to a regional market study, spending on building exteriors will increase from $8 billion this year to $12 billion in 2024.

In addition to sustainability, significant growth in the GCC façades market will stem from a big rise in the number of construction, refurbishment and renovation projects driven by tourism and major events.

With this in mind, we are proud to announce that the Façade Design and Engineering series is coming to Bahrain to discuss key façade design and engineering challenges and solutions to build faster, smarter and more sustainable buildings.

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Why attend:

Discover innovative new trends in material choices such as GRC, Smart glass, Solar panels and Carbon fibre to create sustainable and iconic façades

Gain clarification of fire codes and establish how to reduce fire spread and fire leap through the design and material choices of the façade

An opportunity to network with industry experts and brainstorm valuable information with peers and pioneers

Listen to regional and international industry gurus and gain an exclusive insights into tried and tested methods so that you get the fast-track on what works and what doesn’t

Who should attend?

Heads of:

  •  Heads of architecture
  •  Development directors
  •  Project Directors
  •  Design directors
  •  Technical Directors
  •  Construction managers
  •  Planning managers

From the following industries:

  •  Architects
  •  Developers


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